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Experiential Journeys is founded on an ethos of responsible tourism, encounters, experiences & unique accommodations filled with character.
Our focus is on delivering a curated, unforgettable travel experience for travellers to become storytellers and speak about their experiences for years to come. We have over 2 decades of experience in the travel industry and have our own operational bases in Sri Lanka and India in addition to our own accommodations. Experiential Journeys is well known for the unprecedented focus on quality it has in the destinations it offers and is fuelled by a passionate, multicultural and diverse team who excel at designing and managing experiential travel.


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At Experiential Journeys, we believe that the hallmark of a great holiday is the story you tell at the end of it.
Holidays should be comfortable, exciting and most of all, memorable. We believe that your holiday should be a happy story you recount to your friends and family. So whether you’re looking for a Modest, Plush or Dreamy getaway in Sri Lanka, India or the Maldives, we’ve got you covered.
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Experiential Journeys is founded on an ethos of responsible tourism, encounters, experiences & unique accommodations filled with character.
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Great holidays always turn into happy stories, and here are a few of them!
We had an amazing holiday experience. Sri Lankan people are very open,hospitable and open minded. Wherever we went, the hotel staff was service oriented and friendly. We really enjoyed the different types of accommodation. Also, Sri Lankan nature is incredibly beautiful, pristine and green - it is special.
Karen Van der Weeën – Hans Mylemans
Sinhalese dishes!!! Spicy and super. We had very good photography opportunities for endemic bird species. We had an excellent knowledgeable guide who knew where to find them, how to spot them! Guide super patient guy, wow!
Wolfgang – Susanne Karemer
For me, the best aspect of the tour was that I really enjoyed the variety of experiences. I enjoyed each location and all of the activities. It was different and special - it was exciting no doubt.
Kent Miller
United States of America
I will highly recommend your company to everyone I speak to. It was a fantastic and memorable experience which I certainly would love to experience again. Sri Lanka lived up to everything I hoped it would be!
Mark Patrizio
United Kingdom
For me, yes, the overall experience of Sri Lanka is great: a beautiful land with so many different landscapes and very kind people. Canoeing was a really fun activity. 10/10 for Dhammika our guide and driver for his professionalism, interaction and communication.
Jacqueline Van Winden – Van Den Bosch
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