We work passionately in crafting your travel experience to be an extraordinary memorable one

We are an owner managed Boutique Tour Operator based in Melbourne; a specialist in experiential travel focusing on experiences, encounters, experiences, spaces with character and sustainability.
Experiential Journeys is founded on an ethos of responsible tourism, encounters, experiences & unique accommodations filled with character.

Our focus is on delivering a curated, unforgettable travel experience for travellers to become storytellers and speak about their experiences for years to come. We have over 2 decades of experience in the travel industry and have our own operational bases in Sri Lanka and India in addition to our own accommodation.

Experiential Journeys is well known for the unprecedented focus on quality it has in the destinations it offers and is fuelled by a passionate, multicultural and diverse team who excel at designing and managing experiential travel.

We believe that requirements and expectations of world travellers have changed rapidly and have become more unique. As a result, tourism providers are no longer in a position to offer pre-packaged mass products to clients. The need of the hour is to find the smallest of niches and provide customised tour solutions.

Our offerings are as diverse as you can imagine and we have successfully managed to extend our reach to virtually every facet in the specialised niche travel segments. However, our responsible tourism ethos and values remain unchanged with the focus being on community benefit and partnerships, conservation through tourism, minimising carbon emission, and preserving local values and culture.

Meet our core team

If you look at all the destinations we work , our team probably expands beyond hundreds.
Hence let’s meet the core team first . . .

Anuruddha Bandara

Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Niche Tourism Specialist, Explore , Management Trainer.

As a traveler himself he has traveled extensively to most parts of Sri Lanka , India and, impressively, 16% of the globe, including six continents. As Founder/ CEO and Master Crafter of Experiences & Encounters, he has navigated Experiential Journeys and associated brands , to become most sought after travel brands in the destinations they work in. 

He has taken environmental conservation to a global platform and firmly believes in conservation through tourism. His passion beyond adventure travel and sustainability extends to photography, interior decor and architecture.

Shane Peter

Construction Professional turned Travel Professional. Cricket & Football Enthusiast

This is Shane Peter ; qualified and trained to be a construction professional and later shifted gears to get into the travel industry due to his sheer passion. The calling came more than 6 years back and he is still going strong. He is the man running the operations from our Colombo based hub with the rest of the team.

He is very enthusiastic about travelling and creating new opportunities for everyone to travel. His wish is to travel whenever and wherever he can and discover new challenges & destinations.